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November 12, 2021

Homeopathic medicine is the brainchild of Samuel Hahnemann who was born in 1755 and died in 1843. He began concocting his ideas in the late 1700’s, in response to the nonsense medical practices of his day which included such treatments as leeches and “purging” (causing vomiting and diarrhea).

Homeopathy may have been better than 1700’s leech treatments, but its fantastical beliefs are not a good substitute for science and common sense.

Believers in homeopathy have chosen to trust in an authority over trust in science. They have chosen a belief in magic over a belief in their own common sense.

The foundational belief of homeopathy is “The law of similars.” There is no real attempt to prove the validity of this fantastical “law.” Members of the homeopathy cult simply believe the “law” because their hero, Hahnemann, stated it.

The “law of similars” maintains that symptoms can be eliminated by extreme dilutions of substances that cause those symptoms. The more dilute a substance, the better.

So now we get to a place where common sense really goes out the window. Hahnemann believed that the most powerful medicinal is one where the supposed active ingredient is diluted to the point where there is not a single molecule remaining of that active ingredient.

Hahnemann believed that such dilutions, to the point that the active ingredient is no longer present, are powerful because they retain the “memory” of that active ingredient, and because the “spirit” of the active ingredient remains in the dilution.

The whole thing would be laughable if homeopathy was not such a money making juggernaut. Currently, people have been duped into spending more than 6 billion dollars a year worldwide on homeopathic treatments.

Of course some people get better when they take homeopathic treatments! The placebo effect is powerful, especially when the placebo effect is grounded in belief in the ideas of a cult hero like Hahnemann, a contemporary of George Washington.

So if you want a medical treatment that poses no risk of side effects, you could either drink a gulp of water or take a homeopathic medicinal. They’re both basically the same thing.

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